Software Launching Mistakes Committed By Software Development Companies

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Published: 01st November 2012
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Just like Web development; even Software Development is considered to be one of the most flourishing IT sectors. Although, the companies dealing in the production of various software products are always highly concerned about the best launch of their products, but still there are times when these companies tend to commit a few mistakes which lead into an inappropriate launch of the software products. In my article, I provide you with a clear picture about the various mistakes which are being made during the launch of a software product.

Every Software Development Company is keen towards launching its software products in the best manner, but there are times when certain unexpected mistakes are being made during the software product launch. The mistakes which the Software Development firms tend to commit are being listed as below:-

  • Failure in performing accurate market research - This is one of the major mistakes made by the software professionals. These professionals fail to undertake a detailed market research prior to the launch of the software product. They undertake an inaccurate research about the market segment their software would be dedicated to, the benefits which their prospective customers would get from the software product, the manner in which the media would portray the performance of the software; which is being launched by them.

  • Not assessing the costs of the software product launch- Another common mistake made by every software development company is not assessing the costs involved in the launch of their software product. The company tends to fail in planning about the amount of money which would be involved in launching the product and hence has to suffer from huge losses once the product is being launched.

  • Dedicating less time for planning a marketing strategy- The software firm dedicates less amount of time towards planning the marketing strategy for its software product launch and hence has to face hassles during the effective launching of its software product.

  • Choosing an inappropriate time for the product launch- The software firms also tend to make a mistake during selecting the appropriate day for the launch of their software product. It is always preferred to choose a day such as a weekend for the launch of the product because it would be a day when most of the people you target would be free and would hence notice your product instantly.

  • Failure to pre-launch or to announce the launch of your software product- Unlike a web development company, a firm involved in the development of various software products needs to announce a pre-launch of its product so that on the day of the product launch the company gets maximum number of customers. The software companies tend to forget the importance of creating maximum awareness about their software prior to the launch of the same.

So, these were the common mistakes made every Software Development Company. If these mistakes are being looked into wisely and accurate precautions are being taken, then the launch of a software product can be undertaken in an extremely impressive manner. In my next article, I would be focusing on the mistakes which are being made by a Web Development Company.

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